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Vacation Postponed and School Started Early! Final Exam Date and Winter Vacation Adjusted This Semester in Beilun
Updated: 2022-01-18

To All Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens:

Due to the epidemic and class suspension, the final exam date and winter vacation should be adjusted for this semester as follows through our study and determination according to the Notice of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Education on Final Exam and Winter Vacation (Y. J. B. J. [2022] No. 3):

I. The final exam should be adjusted as follows: the compulsory school is from January 20 to 21, and the high school is still the unified arrangement of the Municipal Teaching and Research Office (from January 19 to 21).

II. As for the compulsory schools and kindergartens, the semester was originally scheduled and ended on January 23 and the vacation was started on January 24. Now we adjust that the semester will be ended on January 25 and the vacation will be started on January 26; and the arrangement for the high schools should be unchanged, that is, the semester will be ended on January 26 and the vacation will be started on January 27.

III. The primary and secondary schools were originally scheduled and started on February 17, and now we adjust that the high schools will be started on February 12, and the compulsory schools and kindergartens will be started on February 14.

Education Bureau of Beilun District

January 17, 2022

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