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A candidate sent a banner to express his appreciation
Updated: 2022-01-11

“Thinks! Ask the community for help at a crucial moment. Thanks for your hard work!” On January 10, Xiang Yihong, a senior three candidate, accompanied by his family, came to the Party-Mass Service Center, Mingyuehu Community, Chunxiao Subdistrict with a banner that reads “true love is given to candidates for college entrance examination during epidemic” to express his appreciation to the community volunteer who sent him to the examination room before this year’s college entrance examination.

“My son is studying in Tongji Middle School in Yinzhou. He returned home on the eve of New Year’s Day, when the epidemic occurred, his father was in other places and could not get back and I can’t drive. I was so worried since the college entrance examination began the next day.” Xiang’s mother said. On January 5, the day before the college entrance examination, she went to the Party-Mass Service Center, Mingyuehu Community for help.

After knowing the fact, Jia Yingchun, Secretary of Party General Branch of the community, immediately sent the demand in the community epidemic prevention pioneer group. The community volunteer Brother Hui called instantly and volunteered to send the student to the examination room.

“I also live in this community. I can’t help much during the epidemic, but I can do what I can.” Brother Hui’s name is Chen Minghui, who lives in Wannian Lexiangcheng Community. He has been a Party member for 11 years and a volunteer for 12 years. Since the epidemic began, he has led volunteers to constantly and actively cooperate with community departments in the fight against the epidemic.

To ensure the student could be sent smoothly to the examination room, Brother Hui drove the “Direct Bus for Examination Room” and waited downstairs in the community at 6:00 on January 6, and sent Xiang safely to the examination room in Beilun Middle School at 7:30. Then he took a picture of Xiang’s back and sent it to Xiang’s mother to reassure her.

Seeing Xiang entering the examination room successfully, Brother Hui immediately returned to Chunxiao Subdistrict to continue his volunteer work in epidemic prevention and control. At 11:00, Brother Hui was waiting outside the examination room on time and sent Xiang home safely. “The community was understaffed in the first two days, and it was a waste of time waiting outside, so I might as well come back to help.” Brother Hui sent Xiang for three days during the three-day college entrance examination.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to be the driver of Xiang, the warm-hearted Brother Hui also gave him a box of “lucky” pens before they went: “I hope you can successfully pass the examination!”

“The college entrance examination is a great event for a child. Thanks to your escort, my son can successfully complete the examination. Thank you very much.” Xiang’s mother sent a banner to the community and expressed her gratitude personally, which was just the beginning of this article.

This volunteer activity is only a microcosm of the community to do practical things for the masses. “I’ve been living here for half a year. The community is taking care of us very well in daily life. If you have a problem, just go to the community.” Xiang’s mother said with smile.

“We were very happy and excited when the student sent us a banner. We hope we can infect more people to devote their love.” Jia said.

(REPORTER Cheng Baige; CORRESPONDENTS Ruan Xiao, Su Weiwei)

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